Installation and design of fire protection systems

The execution of works of the mechanical part of the fire-fighting systems involves the installation of ducts for ventilation and smoking and the production and installation of sprinkler network with accompanying equipment. In the event of a fire, fire ventilation ducts provide a constant supply of air to compensate for the shortage of air caused by its leakage together with smoke, while smoke extraction ducts provide exhaust from the rooms affected by fire, preventing the spread of fire and smoke to adjacent rooms.

With the installation of ducts we also insulate them with the fire protection materials provided for in the project, as well as the installation of complete ventilation equipment necessary for the functioning of the system. The basic principle on which smoke and heat ventilation systems are based is the removal of heat and smoke from a building that is under fire, while emphasizing the protection of human lives and property. In the initial stages of a fire, heat, smoke and hot gases rise to the ceiling, then expand and form a thick layer that goes down.


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