Installation and design of ventilation systems

Careful installation of ventilation ducts and equipment, which is reflected in the proper choice of supporting elements and proper arrangement of supports, will provide the designed technical characteristics of the system, ie the least pressure drops, and therefore low operating costs. Together with the installation of ventilation ducts, we also install ventilation equipment and air distribution equipment, as well as commissioning the system.

The quality of the air in the room we live in significantly affects the overall comfort of being in the room. By using ventilation systems, it is possible to provide the highest quality with significant savings in heating energy consumption.

Oxygen content, temperature and air quality are crucial to feeling comfortable in the room where we are staying. In the long run, this also protects existing construction.

Advantages of ventilation systems

Energy and cost savings through heat recovery Fresh air without major heat loss Pollen and dust are filtered Noise is reduced as windows close.

The recuperator saves energy

Boxter ventilation systems bring in fresh outside air and expel stagnant air from the room. The heat contained in the exhaust air is transferred to the inlet, fresh air via a heat exchanger. The degree of heat recovered is up to 95%. The building's heat requirements can be reduced by up to 20% - saving energy and costs.

Boxter ventilation systems can also be perfectly combined with Boxter heating technologies - saving even more energy.

There are Filter Sections in the recuperator. Before fresh air is brought into the room we are in, it is first filtered. The intake air filtration system prevents dust, pollen and other allergens from entering, which is very important for people with allergy problems. By controlling the percentage of humidity in the air, we prevent molds and dust mites.


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