Installation and design of the heating system

Involves the installation of a pipe network and supporting elements for the distribution and regulation of hot water flow, the installation of a substation, or the installation of boilers, pumps, heat exchangers and other vessels.

Boxter is an authorized installer for the installation of surface (floor and wall) heating and cooling systems of the world-famous REHAU.

The modern underfloor heating system differs from the classic radiator system in that the hot water in the building is supplied by the entire surface below the floor, in the rooms you want to heat.

The advantages of surface heating and cooling compared to traditional modes are numerous:
- Energy saving
- Optimal thermal comfort
- Attractive appearance of rooms without heaters
- It's environmentally friendly
- It preserves the respiratory organs and has anti-allergic properties

Wall heating works on the same principle as underfloor heating, except that the distribution of the system is done on the walls of the rooms. Combines with underfloor heating for best results.

During the summer heat, you can use the wall heating system to cool the rooms, without the extra cost and inconvenience that air conditioning, such as noise and exhaust, brings with it.

Common name for underfloor and wall heating is a surface heating system. The floor / wall / ceiling heating and cooling system can be connected to all types of boilers, heat pumps, as well as to district heating.

Installation of the REHAU surface heating and cooling system guarantees you optimal room temperatures both in winter and summer, with significant energy savings and therefore lower costs. It can be installed in all types of buildings, whether under construction or undergoing renovation. Installation of all components is quick and easy, with the highest level of safety and quality.


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