Installation and design of air conditioning systems

Boxter d.o.o. has extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of all types of air-conditioning systems. We perform installation of air or water cooled devices (VRV, chillers, heat pumps), air-conditioned chambers in various versions, package roof units (rooftop) ... If you need air-conditioning or ventilation in your business premises, whether it is the food, pharmaceutical industry, trade facilities, warehouses, boardrooms, server rooms, production halls or possibly a family home you want to air-condition or heat the whole, we offer a wide range opportunities for professional commercial air conditioning.

Basic commercial air conditioning systems:

- Split systems. They designate one outdoor and one indoor unit and are currently the most economical and widespread air conditioning system.

- Multi systems. Using multi systems, it is possible to put more indoor units on one external unit and cover more rooms. Indoor units can be of various models (wall, cassette, duct, ceiling, parapet) and different sizes. There are various models of multi systems such as multi f, fdx fulti.

- VRV systems. There are mini rope systems where about 8 indoor units go to one outdoor unit whose branch is forked or larger rope systems where one or more paired outdoor units can hang over 60 inside.

- Heat pumps. Their primary purpose is to heat water, which is supplied to low temperature radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating systems, boilers for domestic hot water consumption. They are a great way of heating as well as cooling when used in conjunction with fan coil units. Heat pumps have a very good utilization rate (they take away energy from the outside). Heat pumps may be air-to-water or water-to-water depending on the outside.

Types of air-conditioning systems:

- Cassette air conditioners (air conditioners that are built into the suspended ceilings) that have only the front bezel visible and that can be blown out to one, two or all four sides.

- Duct air (the exchanger is also built into the suspended ceiling), and the duct distributes air-conditioned air to the exhaust grilles around the room. Duct air conditioning achieves very good air distribution throughout the room. With duct air conditioning, it is possible to inject fresh air into the room and expel old air, which also provides good ventilation of the room.

- Ceiling - parapet air conditioning. As the name implies, they can be mounted on the ceiling or wall mounted in the height of the parapet (as a radiator) have proven very well for heating purposes.

- Wall unit. The most widespread type of indoor unit most used in residential premises. Designing: HVAC solution.


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